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Hello, I am Cecily Huang, a bilingual jouranlist from Beijing. After I obtained my master degree in University of Technology, Sydney in May, 2016, I started to work for Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Beijing office, as a producer.

When I was studying my master degree in Sydney, I worked as a freelance journalist for various medias, covering the relationship between Australia and China. Meanwhile, I taught Chinese in public schools.

Previously, I was working for The Guardian, Beijing office as the researcher and news assistant for three years, coving environmental, political and social news in China.

I like writing, dancing, travelling,  photography and playing tennis.  I have been traveled most of Asian countries and U.K, and U.S.A.  I love to learn history and experience different cultures and gain new skills.

In April 2013, I flew to the disaster area a few hours later when the earthquake hit Sichuan province to assist the correspondents getting the intensive report on April 20. I persuaded the former Red Guard to accept our interview about his guilt over the mother he sent to her death during the Cultural Revolution and simultaneously interpreted the entire interview. Meanwhile, I worked as the producer the video.

I previously worked for Jonathan Watts, the Guardian’s Asia Environment Correspondent. We were the first foreign media group to arrive in Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, reporting on the May 2011 protest by ethnic Mongolians. Even after the policeman blocked the area, I managed to get in to interview the student protesters, and the accident witness.

In the feature story about the heavy-handed enforcement of China’s family planning policy, I convinced the local officials at first time to talk to the foreign media on this sensitive subject. I dug out some unknown information to clarify the outsider’s misunderstanding on this policy. I proposed to report on this subject through a new environmental angel by both positive and negative side that made our report distinguished from the other media.

All the stories I have contributed to credit me and are available to read on the Guardian website: http://www.guardian.co.uk

I studied law in college, but I gradually realised it did not suit me. After graduation, I was an editor at an English-language life style magazine, the Beijinger  and that’s Beijing  for four years.

Working at Wu Promotion has helped me expand my knowledge of performing arts, with a focus on classical music and ballet. I have helped the projects including the recent operas, The Ring of Nibelung and Don Giovanni by Cologne Opera House in Shanghai and Beijing.

My last project concerned research in the Chinese energy industry. During last November and December, I worked on the project, entitled “Choke Point”, with Circle of Blue, an American research, science, and analysis organization with a focus on fresh water supply and demand around the world. I was research assistant, project coordinator, and translator for Circle of Blue in China, helping to arrange interviews and access to industrial installations across the country.

Thank you for reading and I hope we have a chance to meet you. I am delighted to introduce Chinese culture to you.

I am available to take assignment as translator, news assistant, researcher or local producer in China. Contact me at huang.cecily@gmail.com.  



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. A big shout for the amazing work Cecily has done for us.
    Committed, dedicated and passionate about her job, she delivered us an outstanding report! Thanks again Cec!

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